Ukrainian general threatens Russia with British-made missiles

... boats equipped with Brimstone missiles are one of the solutions.

Photo: The Hill

Baku, Jale Akbar, İnteraz - 23 October 2021, 11:51

Ukraine's former Deputy Chief of Staff, General Igor Romanenko, said the Brimstone missiles Britain plans to supply to Ukraine will help "destroy" Russian warships.


InterAz informs citing Sputnik Turkey.


Romanenko told local media that Ukrainian patrol boats equipped with Brimstone missiles can carry out missile attacks on Russian warships. The Ukrainian general argued that these missiles can also be used against land targets.


Noting that with Brimstone missiles, it is possible to destroy "even the enemy's big ship" if they are in sufficient numbers, Romanenko claimed that the weapon will provide Ukraine with the opportunity to respond more strongly to Russia's provocations.


Saying that Ukraine should seek "asymmetric warfare ways" considering the balance of forces, Romanenko stated that boats equipped with Brimstone missiles are one of the solutions in this direction.


Earlier, it was reported that the UK and Ukraine discussed arms shipments. It was stated that one of the weapons evaluated was the Brimstone missiles developed by the MDBA company for warships and aircraft. The Times wrote that this high-tech guided missile can hit multiple targets at the same time. The British Ministry of Defense announced that the agreement was signed in June.


Ukrainian politicians and experts frequently make statements about Russia's "aggression". Russia always states that it has no such intentions against any country. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Andrey Rudenko noted that the West's arms shipments to Ukraine would not help solve the problem in the Donbas region, on the contrary, it could encourage provocations in Kiev.