The coldest but fascinating countries in the world

... the list compiles countries with the lowest degree of temperature.

Photo: BBC

Baku, Jale Akbar, İnteraz - 16 September 2021, 14:55

10. Mongolia


Mongolia welcomes its visitors with its endless steppes and an endless sky view, as well as rivers that have no outlet to the sea. In Mongolia, located between Russia and China, the air temperature in winter varies between -20 and -40 degrees.



9. Estonia


In Estonia, a country located in Northern Europe, the temperature that hovers between -5 and -10 degrees Celsius in winter leaves its place to a mild climate of 17-22 degrees in summer with the effect of the Baltic Sea.



8. Finland


Finland, one of the Northern European countries on the coast of the Baltic Sea, has 180 thousand islands and islets as well as 188,000 lakes that attract with their beauty. In the south of Finland, the air temperatures are around -30 degrees, and they see -40 degrees on north part.


In Finland, you may encounter unfamiliar landscapes such as hotels made of ice or northern lights.



7. Kazakhstan


Kazakhstan, the ninth largest country in the world by area, is known for its harsh continental climate, which reaches -19 degrees in winter. In the country, where different climatic conditions can be encountered in some regions due to its wide geography, it is quite challenging in the winter period.



6. Iceland


In addition to its location, Iceland is also known as a very cold country because its English name means 'the land of ice'. However, contrary to popular belief, the air temperature does not go below -8 degrees in the country, where the cold has lost its dominance, albeit a little, with the effect of the Gulf Stream hot water current.



5. America


Although this is not true for all states of America, the coldness of states in the North East parts such as Alaska and Washington is legendary. In Alaska, which is known for its coldness of -25 degrees and the largest state in America while the population density is quite low.


4. Canada


Canada, the country with the longest coastline in the world, is famous for its very long winter season and its cold temperatures of -30 and -40 degrees in places.


Despite the cold weather, Canada receives thousands of immigration applications every year due to its economic prosperity and attractive living conditions.


3. Russia


In Russia, the harsh climate that paves the way for the phrase 'cold like Siberia' exposes people to -40 degrees of cold in winter.


In the country where the sun shows itself for only two months, the spring and autumn months are very short.




2. Greenland


Greenland is the largest island in the world, located in the north of the Atlantic Ocean. In this land of ice covered with white snow, you can ride sledges pulled by wolfhounds.


Greenland is a natural wonder that welcomes thousands of tourists every year with activities such as skiing, mountain walks, snowmobiles, as well as the perfect dance of the northern lights and its white nights.



1. Antarctica


Get ready to encounter cold temperatures below -50 degrees on your adventurous trip to Antarctica, located around the South Pole. In Antarctica, the coldest day in history saw -89 degrees.